Zoey Tur on Dr. Drew calls trans woman at Planet Fitness a “cross dressing fetishist”

tur dr drew
Dr, Drew asks Tur who answers with an eye roll and smirk “…but wouldn’t that be a criminal thing going into the woman’s locker room to get high off and kicks out of dressing like a woman and getting off like that?”

Zoey Tur the helicopter reporter who made a name for herself during the LA riots and later transitioning is again making a name for herself. Tur appeared on the Dr. Drew show as its transgender reporter this week. Tur gave her opinion about the Planet Fitness event and Carlotta Sklodowska, who self-identified as transgender.

planet fitnes coletta
Carlotta Sklodowska appears as feminine in every image available. Her Facebook account has since been deactivated.

Dr. Drew asks Tur her opinion and she responds….

“At the very center of this controversy is the transgender person rolling her eyes to the ceiling she continues “the problem here is your definition of transgender.. is a transvestite, a cross-dresser, a male that has a sexual fetish dressing as a female”

Dr. Drew interrupts Tur asking “How do we know that?”

Tur answers “I did some research I’m very careful about these sorts of things and I looked at social media and I also talked to the receptionist at Planet Fitness so you’re dealing with a cross dresser.” Tur goes son to explain she has many friend that are cross dressers. “It’s not a transsexual its a male who gets off on wearing woman’s clothing.”

trans umbrella post

Good cop bad cop.

Dr. drew asks Tur “Maybe this person was sincerely moving in that direction. There’s still a cross-dressing stage and living as a woman and actually moving into the transgender category.”

Tur answers “No. That’s not the case. This person is a cross-dresser who gets a sexual high from, dressing as a female.”

Dr, Drew got what he wanted from Tur saying “We have to go on break but wouldn’t that be a criminal thing going into the woman’s locker room to get high off to get it’s kicks out of dressing like a woman and getting off like that?”

The social media that Tur probably saw is a Tumblr post in which screen grabs from Carlotta Sklodowska facebook. It appears from those ill-advised posts that Sklodowska enjoys the alternative sexual lifestyle and is sexually submissive.

Sklodowska made no mention of her gender expression or identity in those posts.

This isn’t the first time Tur has defined another person without actually knowing them first hand. She did the same thing to Bruce Jenner on TMZ.

Zoey Tur could have appeared on this Fox news show as many of her views would have been welcomed. Except that they would have been all too busy invalidating her for being a fetishist.

tur wall
Zoey Tur would do well to read this comment posted below the HLN interview that she posted on her wall.

The transgender umbrella isn’t an easy concept for some trans people to accept. The fact is though, the more accepting we are of each other the more accepted we will be by society in general.


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Nicole, she knows that she is not feminine looking. Its in most of the reports of this incident.

    Also, the health club in question has individual changing rooms and showers. This place is not like your high school gym locker room. Its a modern facility that takes client privacy seriously. No one saw anyone undressed.

  2. I think Zoey Tur should take a look in a mirror. She certainly doesn’t pass all that well. You think she would have more sensitivity than to make such judgmental remarks.
    I agree that people who do not pass well and cross dressers should be very selective about using restrooms and locker rooms where there could be issues of privacy. It’s just common sense and most people know if they’re going to make people’s heads turn.
    Having to pee is pretty much a necessity so use a stall, shut the door, and wash your hands and leave.
    While I was transitioning and before SRS, I always came to the gym wearing my workout clothes and showered at home. Now it’s not a problem but I certainly don’t hang around there socializing. I do what I need to do and leave. No problem.

  3. I wish people would stop trying to make a name for themselves and work on find a way to make the world a little better for everyone not just for the CIS people. LGBTQ community should have the exact same rights

  4. I am transgender female, I have letters from my therapist and doctor and this September I will schedule an appointment for GRS this is not a corssdressing thing it is a woman thing


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