Second Trans woman in two months killed in Prince George’s County

Zoe Spears

Zoe Spears

A transgender woman was found Thursday just before midnight by Prince George’s County police who responded to a call in the 600 blocks of 59th Ave., in Fairmount Heights, Maryland.

23-year-old Zoe Spears died on the scene of multiple gunshot wounds according to police. Spears was murdered just blocks from where 27-year-old Ashanti Carmon had been murdered in March 2019.

Police were unreasonably quick in determining that the two murders were unrelated.

Major Brian Reilly with Prince George’s County police said in the video below that they don’t believe there are connections between the two murders, but acknowledged that Spears and Carmon knew each other.

Friends say Spears told multiple people she had witnessed Carmon’s killing and feared for her life. Spears was trying to move from her apartment on Eastern Avenue because she was afraid, friends say.

Zoe Spears had gotten off of the streets and was living independently. She was murdered close to where she lived.

Ashanti Carmon resorted to survival sex work after becoming homeless. She was murdered just a mile away in an area that residents say has become known for prostitution.

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