Transgender Youtuber Blaire White – Mom is Pimping Out Child

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Transgender YouTuber Blaire White recently posted a video in which she attacked the mother of the transgender nine-year-old featured on National Geographic’s cover. White accused Debi Jackson of ‘pimping out’ her 9-year-old child, Avery Jackson for profit and personal glory.

As a way of proof to the pimping charge, White shows images of t-shirts which she said Jackson ‘sells’. The T-Shirts and other Items being offered as a reward for donating to Trans Parenting, a resource for child transition.

Blaire White has over 200,000 youtube subscribers and 70,000 twitter followers. The video below has over 170,000 views so her words carry a lot of weight.  The last thing you would expect from a transgender person is that they set the table for a transphobic attack but that is what Blaire White did.

The Kansas City Star reports that the first and most overwhelming reaction to her appearance on one version of the magazine’s January cover continues to be an outpouring of support.

Trans Parenting

Trans-Parenting has one tweet from 2014

The second: hate — scorching and violent messages. One suggested that the only way Avery would be safe is if her mother were “exterminated.”

“It’s a bunch of internet trolls,” said Debi Jackson, 42, Avery’s mother. “And what they do for fun is find people to make fun of and start threads. This one particular group likes to target the trans community — a lot of them try to target people and harass them so much so that they’ll commit suicide.

“They’ve started a thread about me, (describing me) as a horrible and abusive parent who is using my child for fame and fortune, and obviously I have a twisted sexual deviancy issues to make my boy act like a girl…

Planet Trans being one of the few transgender media outlets years ago and was often contacted by casting producers looking for transgender families where one of the members were in their teens or younger. While we did accommodate some of those requests, connecting producers with trans families, there was at least one occasion where we didn’t.

I was uncomfortable after a long association with the mother of one of the children. I couldn’t help but feel that the child wasn’t being allowed to express herself. There can be no room for doubt. If media proceeds with stories like this without being absolutely sure that they are acting in the child’s best interest, well there’s no words to describe my contempt for people like that.

That being said, there is no justifying White’s attack. And yes children do know our gender when we are 3 or 4. I told my mother in 1963 long before the internet. Let’s just say things proceeded as Blaire White would have liked, had she been alive.

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