Ygor ArrudaSouza Confessed to Murdering wife Yuni Carey Herrera

Ygor ArrudaSouza
Ygor ArrudaSouza / booking photo

Ygor Arrudasouza told police that he killed Yuni Carey Herrera in a meth-addled fit of jealousy this morning when she told him she found a better man. According to police Ygor ArrudaSouza called 911 this morning after stabbing his estranged wife multiple times.

Yuni Carey Herrera
Yuni Carey Herrera

When police arrived, they said Arrudasouza spontaneously mentioned that meth had screwed up his life and once again admitted to stabbing his wife. Investigators found Yuni Carey Herrera lying on the floor, covered in blood and suffering from stab wounds according to NBC Miami

She later died in her condo in the Art Plaza Tower, on 58 NE 14th St.

Arrudasouza had a recent history of violence according to Local 10.com Miami-Dade County court records show he was arrested in January on three battery charges. The case remains open and he has a trial hearing on March 8.

Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation records show Arrudasouza has an immigration hold and he was out on a felony bond when the murder happened. He is being held without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Ygor Arrudasouza faces one count of second-degree murder and one count of aggravated battery for the murder of Yuni Carey Herrera.

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