WV Principal Abuses and Humiliates Transgender Student in Bathroom

Liberty High School Assistant Principal Lee Livengood “challenged the student to ‘come out here and use the urinal’ if he was “really a boy”. Livengood then blocked the exit as he “continued to berate” the student loudly enough for classmates to hear from the hallway and cafeteria outside the restroom, the ACLU alleges.

When the student exited the bathroom Livengood told him in front of other students “Not going to lie. You freak me out.”

Update 1/8/2019 The BOE voted to suspend Livengood without pay until 2/1/2019 at which time he may be reinstated pending the completion of undisclosed tasks. Read more HERE

According to the West Virginia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Lee Livengood, the assistant principal at Liberty High School in Clarksburg, W.Va., followed 15-year-old transgender student Michael Critchfield into the boys’ restroom on Nov. 27 and harassed him.

Lee Livengood

Liberty High School Assistant Principal Lee Livengood

In a letter addressed to Harrison County School District superintendent Mark A. Manchin and sent to Yahoo Lifestyle by the ACLU, Michael was using the men’s restroom when Livengood entered and asked the teen why he was inside the stall. Michael answered that the restroom was empty, and Livengood allegedly said, if he was a boy, “come out here and use the urinal.” Micheal replied that he was born a female but identifies as male.

Michael alleges that Livengood blocked the exit door and yelled, “What would happen” if a male student believed the boy was “checking him out,” enabling students in the hallway and in the cafeteria to overhear. The teacher also allegedly refused to use correct pronouns when speaking to Michael.

American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia’s statement on Facebook:

“In response to our letter, Harrison County Schools Superintendent, Mark Manchin, says Assistant Principal Livengood has been suspended with pay while an investigation into the incident is conducted. They have also agreed to do a sit down meeting with #ACLUWV and reached out to WVU for help with additional sensitivity training around transgender students.”

“While we are heartened to hear the administration admit to wrongdoing, a four day paid suspension of an employee is not sufficient. The Harrison County School District needs to make significant changes to its culture. We look forward to meeting with Mr. Manchin and developing a real plan to ensure that every student is safe.”

Giving Lee Livengood a four day paid vacation is not enough. Please add your name to the petition calling for the dismisal of this dangerous transphobe.

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