WV Gov Jim Justice signs bill banning trans athletes but can’t name one

Jim Justice
Come back when you have one.

Justass can’t name a single gild trans athlete as a reason for signing the bill banning trans girls from sports. But he sure knows how to call black opposing girl basketball players the N-word and get away with it.

Justice repeated that he was the basketball coach at a white high school and tried to excuse his signing the bill that way. But Justice didn’t talk about the Sept 2020 game in which he called the opposing team “a bunch of thugs“.

So Right. Thug. What’s the big deal?

Gov. Jim Justice is the coach of the girls’ basketball team at Greenbrier East High School, a school that is 89 percent white and five percent black. He had used the word “thug” when describing the Lady Flying Eagles.

The Lady Flying Eagles is coached by two black men.

The word “thug” is regarded as a derogatory racial term in West Virginia [evidently]. Woodrow Wilson High School is one of the more racially diverse schools in the state, and the two girls coaches at Woodrow are black men.

Banning transgender girls from sports even though there isn’t any, is a step closer to banning thugs. Right, Jim Justice?

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender