Word Switched by DART’s Raymond Noah encourages discrimination| Judge Raymond Noah’s Decade of Transphobic Courtroom Behavior EXPOSED!


The closed door ‘Executive’ meeting DART conducted to discuss it’s nondiscrimination policy was indicative of the systemic bigotry and duplicitous abuse of authority that pervades DART’s management.

There was ‘passionate’ discussion about amending the nondiscrimination policy according to DART chairman William Velasco in a possibly illegal closed door meeting after receiving general counsel Hyattye Simmons explaination of ‘gender’.

Was it decided by Simmons and forced on some members in this closed door meeting that sneaking a word in that expressly allows discrimination was in the best interests of DART?

The motion by Raymond Noah (pictured left) to change the wording to allow discrimination against gay and transgender people was passed without debate. Was part of that ‘passionate’ discussion about what defence the Board members should offer in case this sham was exposed?

A woman’s life is at stake. Being simply ignorant about language changes to a human rights amendment to protect her reeks of collusion.

What was the DART Board’s main concern? Protecting one of there employees from discrimination or protecting themselves from Council Simmons?

Who is DART’s General Counsel Simmons to have influenced a FAMILY judge so that she reversed her findings that DART employee, Ms T Dart (Robin) was female?

Why was General Counsel Simmons given the responsibility of presenting a impartial and subjective definition of gender to the DART board?

We need more than DART’s Human resource director Ben Gomez’s word that they will rewrite there employees handbook to prohibit discrimination against gay and transgender people regardless if the amendment to there nondiscrimination policy clearly not only allows but encourages this discrimination to take place!

WE need full accountability and open management of DART if the re written employees handbook is to have ANY value.

We need to seriously consider if General Council Simmons is performing his duties in the best interest of DART or are the Board members simply pawns of the General Council’s bigotry.

We need to attend Tuesdays meeting in support of board member William Tsao and other well intentioned board members in there effort to remove the extraneous and ambiguous wording DART has inserted in there Nondiscrimination policy proposed changes.

We need the addition of Gender Identity/Expression without ANY provisions to discriminate.

Kelli Anne Busey
June 19, 2010



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