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Texas Progressive’s Wave Riding High With the Women’s March 2018

womens's march 2018

All across Texas thousands of progressives, both men and women joined millions country-wide for the Women’s March 2018. The Dallas Morning News estimated 7,000 attended there. It would be safe to say tens of thousands marched statewide, some in unheralded small town marches.

My Cowtown Women’s March 2018 was one of those events barely making the radar, but we reveled in our mutual support, sense of purpose and homegrown Texas pride.

Texas early voting begins February 20, 2018, and ends on March 2, 2018. Check to be sure you are registered to vote.

Many of the marchers were sporting Beto O’Rourke for Congress tee shirts and pins. Beto supporters are working hard doing block walks and organizing events to oust Ted Cruz in what is seen as the premier Texas race. Beto couldn’t make it due to the federal shutdown, but true to form, took the time to go live from DC explaining why and answering questions.

Trump took notice in a self-congratulatory tweet (what else) in an attempt (again, what else?) to hijack the message. The marchers while varied in their specific concerns shared one thing in common. The vast majority of women and minorities are enraged and sickened by trump and will vote this horrific bigot from office.

At least Texas Governor Greg Abbott had the had decorum not to tweet about Women’s March 2018. This is especially true since Arlington Texas NCACP opposition resulted in his removal as the Toyota North Texas Martin Luther Jr Honorary Grand Marshal.

However, Abbott did send out a number of tweets while celebrating the state holiday “Confederate Hero Day”.

Abbott inexplicably tweeted that his anti-women, Voter ID laws, religious school funding law, anti-foster care, anti-Dreamer, Transgender Bathroom obsessed and gerrymandering agenda somehow resulted in minority empowerment and improved quality of life.  When in reality those who marched are fully aware that due to Abbott’s GOP agenda minorities in Texas suffer in an Orwellian dystopic state.

A Texas Tribune investigation found that lawmakers under Abbott’s watch have squandered opportunities to help  women access services that could have saved their lives:

  • Hundreds of thousands of low-income women who, under federal law, would be eligible for publicly funded health insurance do not qualify for coverage in Texas because state leaders rejected a coverage expansion offered under the Affordable Care Act.
  • State legislators’ decision in 2011 to change how Texas offers women’s health services has left thousands of women without crucial health care before, during and after pregnancy. That included a $73.6 million cut to family planning services that led to roughly 100,000 fewer people being served the following year.
  • The same year, Republican state leaders moved to exclude Planned Parenthood — a top women’s health provider in the Family Planning Program at the time — even though its participating clinics were not performing abortions.
  • Texas has the highest uninsured rate for women ages 19-64 in the country at 19 percent, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

In Austin, Lupe Valdez, the former Dallas County sheriff turned Democratic gubernatorial candidate, attended the march alongside Davis.

Andrew White, another Democratic candidate for governor, also made an appearance.

Texas progressives aren’t waiting for the presidential election and have organized as never before.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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