The Shared Danger of Supporting anti Trans Bathroom Bills

 Fiordaliza Pichardo

Fiordaliza Pichardo, an attorney and city councilwoman from Bonao in the Dominican Republic taking the oath of office. Image / noticiassinlimite

A Dominican woman who was detained with men when entering the states three years ago is is suing for 5 million dollars. Fiordaliza Pichardo was arrested at Miami’s international airport on what attorneys say was a decades-old drug trafficking charge that was later dismissed. The $5m suit names the Miami-Dade corrections department as a defendant.

This story illustrates perfectly how anti-transgender bathroom bills affect ALL women negatively. This 50-year-old cisgender (not transgender) woman apparently didn’t look female enough. The police said that she exhibited “non-traditional male characteristics and male reproductive organs.”

Fox Latino reports that the correctional staff made judgments about her appearance. They asked her repeatedly if she’d had a sex change and she answered no emphatically every time. But they wouldn’t believe her because they were sure that they had themselves a transgender woman.

 Fiordaliza Pichardo


So they threw her in a jail cell with 40 men and one of the guards said to her in Spanish, “Suerte si te veo viva manaña.” (You’ll be lucky if I see you alive tomorrow.”). You see, they were kind of hoping that their suspected trans woman would meet their version of justice for transgender women in that jail cell.

I have been trying to explain to the female commenters on right-wing websites that supporting these laws is going to bring abusive men into the private spaces that they’re trying to keep transgender women out of. That they were LESS safe by supporting these laws even if trans women freaked them out.

That  statistically, transgender women were less of a danger to them that they are to each other and the real danger is being afraid of transgender women in ‘private’ public spaces and legitimizing transgender vigilantes who are looking to catch trans women entering bathrooms.

They screw up a lot and an innocent cis woman usually pays for it with a bloody face or they find themselves in a situation like this one. So I’m sorry, you resistant women who are trying to keep yourselves safe or preserve your ‘privacy’. That’s not going to work. The safest play for us all is seeing transgender women and girls as women and girls, welcoming us, and putting an end to this stupidity.


Mara Glubka is a transgender woman in Minneapolis, MN and a parent to three grown sons. She is one of the historic 28 transgender delegates to the DNC in Philadelphia this year.

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