Woman born with male chromosomes begins HRT and gives birth

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Hayley Haynes and Sam had the miracle babies Avery and Darcey after hormone therapy enabled her to grow a womb.

Could this technically be the first case of a transgender woman giving birth? At age 19 Hayley Haynes saw a doctor worried that she hadn’t had a period. That’s when she found out that she has XY chromosomes, the same as most transgender women have. Eventually doctors discovered Hayley had a tiny womb, something most trans woman don’t have, which they nurtured and grew with HRT.

The Telegraph reports that following months of hospital trips and blood tests, specialists told her she had been born with XY chromosomes, meaning she was genetically male. She had no reproductive organs thanks to a condition called androgen insensitivity syndrome.
Mrs Haynes, from north London, said: “When they told me I had no womb I was so confused I felt sick. My biggest fear was never having children. Suddenly a huge piece of my life was missing. I felt like half a woman and was embarrassed. How I was going to tell a guy I was genetically male when I started dating?”
She confided in her friend Sam, with whom she had been close since the age of 16 and who comforted her throughout her ordeal and later became her boyfriend then husband. More at The Telegtaph

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