Woman becomes First to launch Transgender Art Into Orbit

    Adriana Knouf
    Adriana Knouf First to launch Transgender Artifact Into Orbit

    The 50th launch of the Falcon rocket booster on March 6, 2020 beginning at T minus 3:27 marked a victorious ending, a beginning, and a glimpse into the potential of transhumanism.

    Adriana Knoof
    Adriana Knouf’s art aboard the flight included a fragment of her spironolactone pill, a slice of her estradiol patch, and a miniature handmade paper sculpture, included to gesture towards the absent-yet-present xenoentities of the cosmos.

    When fragments of Adriana Knouf’s Hormone Replacement Medications left the ground aboard the SpaceX Dragon lifted by the magnificent Falcon 9 booster she became the first known transgender person to have elements of our trans experience orbit the earth.

    “The enchanting Earth is too-often made inhospitable to those marked as transgender.” Adriana Knouf wrote. “To survive we xenomogrify ourselves through social and biological technologies, altering our surfaces, our viscera, our molecular balances. None of us have been to space even if we possess somatic knowledges of deep bodily transformations, necessary experiences for extraterrestrial environments.”

    Transgender woman Adriana Knouf (she/her/hers, sie/hir/hirs) wrote to Planet Transgender.

    “I wanted to let you know about a project that I am part of that marks the first known time that elements of the transgender experience orbit the earth. Entitled TX-1, the project was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on March 6th around 11:50PM EST, along with eight other artist groups in the Sojourner 2020 project, supported by the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative. TX-1 includes fragments of my hormone replacement medications encased in resin spheres and marks the first-known time that a transgender artist creates artwork for space. TX-1, along with the other projects in Sojourner 2020, will be on board the ISS for about a month, and will ultimately return to earth. TX-1 is a symbolic exodus to an orbit high above, and its eventual return to Earth is also a sign of resilience, of not being disposed, of coming back to thrive once again.

    Adriana Knouf is an Assistant Professor, Art + Design at Northeastern University College of Arts, Media, and Design. and founder and chief facilitator of the tranxxeno lab..

    In case you had to look this up like I did, Xenology is the scientific study of extraterrestrial life. Derived from the Greek xenos, which as a substantive has the meaning “stranger, wanderer, refugee” and as an adjective “foreign, alien, strange, unusual

    A visual feast documenting this fantastic journy awaits on Flicker.

    The SpaceX Dragon resupply ship is installed to the Harmony module

    The SpaceX Dragon resupply ship approaches the International Space Station

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    Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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