Will County Loan co. transphobic sign a joke says owner

will county loan co

will county loan co

will county loan co

The marque at The Will County Loan Co. at 1111 E. 9th St. in Lockport Il. is meant to be ‘snark’ and not taken seriously said owner Richard Tisch. A photo on the pawn shop’s facebook page Monday also showed a wooden outhouse with a similar caption. That photo has since been removed, as have all the posts save the reviews.

Tisch told The Homer Glen-Lockport Patch “I have no ideology about homosexuals or transgenders,” going on to note that he has homosexual family members and customers.

“I have nothing against gays—we have a lot of gay customers. My issue is, nationwide, we should not have to accommodate … put a special bathroom in for some kid who gets up in the morning and doesn’t know if he’s a male or a female.”

One visitor to The Will County Loan Co. facebook page posted this in the reviews.

Richard Tich

But this wasn’t the first time Tisch’s signs got him noticed. The Lock port Topix forum titled “Racism at Will County Pawn Shop” details a litany of questionable and possibly racist signage outside of the Will County Loan co. One sign said “Oprah backs Obama” as if to make a point? Or a racist innuendo? It was all in the beholder. Another most likely regarding Hilary Clinton presidential bid “Women in kitchen, not the oval office” remained up for a considerable time.

But Tish went too far with the transphobic sign.

The sign was taken down a few days after it was put up after Tisch got bombarded with phone calls and negative reviews on facebook, Yelp and Google Reviews.  He complained “People have lost their sense of humor”, says Richard Tisch, in a “testament to the stupidity of mankind.”

Tisch spoke with Patch about the sign on Wednesday, calling it “just satire.” But after being bombarded with phone calls and feedback—”85 percent” of which he asserts was positive—regarding the message on the sign, he pulled the words down a day later. While it’s not unusual for Tisch to change out the sign to keep it fresh, he admits the public’s reaction played a part in his decision.

“At the time, I didn’t realize how much aggravation it would cause,” Tisch said. “It has created a bunch of aggravation I don’t need.”

No Mr.Tisch, transphobic signs that result in even more of our deaths aren’t acceptable. Everyone is entitled to the right of free speech and yes, like it or not, we are all equally accountable. So huge kudos to the Patch for reporting about this.
Finally Mr. Richard Tisch your targeting of the most vulnerable of society, the most poverty-stricken and most likely in need of an income devastating sky high-interest loan was, well, really stupid. Who do you think brings you your business?

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. This reminds me of the people who said “I’m not racist, I just don’t want them around ME”
    Transgender girls struggle for years before going public. The struggle to try and pretend to be boys, but not very well. They are often bullied to the point of hospitalizations.

    Many had tried to castrate themselves. About half have tried suicide at least once.

    Read this to get a peek.


    The book is free today.
    Please get some accurate information!

  2. Sounds familiar. After a local pizzeria owner posted an anti-trans “joke” and complained about how people had lost their senses of humor, he started trans-bashing on his personal FB wall, culminating in a series of messages in which he made threats of violence against a trans person for disagreeing with him. This site is one of the two that broke the story in August of last year – it’s the owner of “The Jammin Pie”, David DeSantis


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