Why we are protesting (one reason) “Ticked Off Trannies With Knives”

I was watching this TO*WK trailer and was actually enjoying the acting UNTILL one of the characters commiserating with another about her facial injures sustained during a beating suggested humorously that she should ‘put a piece of meat on her eye’. This was a obvious sexual innuendo suggesting her pain would be alleviated and guilt assuaged if a penis and scrotum were resting on her face.

VIOLENCE against transgender woman OR any woman is NOT funny. It is odious to even suggest that rape is warranted, pleasurable or desired by the victim.

And BTW, transgender woman do NOT need to trick men into desiring us by “putting duct tape in all the right places.” Those of us who are attracted to men present ourselves honestly and forthright. As all of who live 24/7/365 days a year authentically know, to do otherwise invites horrific violence and even death.

To save maybe (one) life. Those who are yet to transition must be spared this pain. It is unreasonable to expect our effort to expose this horrible movie will completely change the world but to not even try would be unimaginable.

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