Whip me, Beat me, Chain me for 20 years, give me $50,000.00


Where does rational thought end and fantasy begin?

HRC’s version of reality is spoken by one of the newest popularly acceptable model of transgenderism, a Trans-male spokes model Deigo Sanchez. According to Diego’s version everything is cool with HRC and trans folks ever since HRC provided the Massachusetts Political Coalition with $50,000.00!

The ENDAblog however takes very strong exception to this claim in a post titled “LIAR”.

Lets assume transgender people are actual living breathing human beings for a moment, with hopes, dreams, religious convictions, jobs, homes and partners. HRC gave that money to the MTPC for a smoke screen because Vermont passed gender inclusive protection laws in spite of it’s proximity to Barney Franks Massachusetts.

That’s reality. HRC has been screwing us and they have you to announce that all is well. No All is NOT RIGHT.

Thank you ENDAblog.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Dear “Kel” please feel free to express yourself on the planet but remember to sign it with your name and if you are not up to that my name is spelled with an “i”. So remember it’s Kelli. Got to teach you haters everything.
    Got to go, love,


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