Trans Activists Vilified For Defense against TERF Attack at Hyde Park

TERF Maria MacLachlan tossed this trans woman around like a rag doll before putting her in a head lock.

British Tabloids condemned transgender activists for the provocations and assault by TERF Maria MacLachlan on a transgender woman at speakers corner Wednesday. The attack widely misreported as an assault by transgender activists is being investigated by police.

We awoke to headlines such as..the daily wire..

WATCH: Trans Activist Men Attack, Beat Dissenting 60-Year-Old 
Metro UK..Woman injured as feminists and transgender groups fight at Speakers … because the woman at the Transgender rally was attacked…

So to report on this as it was originally reported on by the British media would have been ludicrous. It took a bit to sort it out. So…

A group of transgender activist gathered Wednesday to protest a planned “debate” of the Gender Recognition Act later that evening. They were upset because they felt that there was to be no one to properly present from the transgender point of view. But mostly they were upset that TERFs who enjoyed years of consequence-free oppression of transgender people were being given space to validate their transphobic opinions.

Of the two TERFs scheduled to ‘debate’ transgender humanity one was at the transgender rally filming and instigating the violence.

Event Flyer / Screengrab via Gendertrender

But according to TERF Linda Shanko who posts as GullusMag on the blog GenderTrender the invited speakers were a mixture of TERF and Transgender activists. Shanko wrote that the invited speakers included:
Transgender woman Bex Stinson from Stonewall UK, lesbian feminist Julia Long who clearly expressed TERF views in this Youtube interview, and TERF Miranda Yardley who filmed the attack and uploaded it to Youtube.

Regardless of whom the police fix the blame on Transgender activists need to smarten up. You were played by these TERFs who drew another victim card. There can be now winning when you allow yourselves to be used like this.

And to Stonewall UK. You fucking gutless wonders. No wonder our community across the pond had no confidence in your speaker. Let me remind you. Your organization is named in honor of a riot. Begun by Transgender women without whom you might still be living in the closet.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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