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ট্রান্সজেন্ডার মহিলা বঙ্গবন্ধুকে পিটিয়ে হত্যা!

Photo @BFCbirpara Instagram

A transgender woman walking through Jalpaiguri, West Bengal was beaten to death by a mob. She died after being taken to the hospital. According to one report, six people were arrested. The entire attack was captured on cell phones by the culprits.

One account attempts to excuse the attackers by saying they were responding to rumors of a ‘child-lifter’ passing through the area.

Another more plausible explanation can easily be seen in the faces of the mob. You can literally hear them shouting transphobic slurs.

Photo East Mojo

The victim was traveling to Sukhani village as his usual affair was to beg for money, according to East Mojo He was stopped by the mob and questioned, during which someone from behind shouted that he was a child abductor. On this, the group started hitting the LGBTIQ+ person. He even tried to run away from the mob, but they followed him and continued to attack him.

Though the police arrived at the spot and rescued him, it was already too late, as he was declared brought dead at the nearest health centre.

A local who did not wish to be named said, “He wasn’t just beaten to death. His body was mutilated beyond recovery. Huge stones were thrown at his face. Even small children were seen throwing stones. Don’t know from where these people got such guts.”

This, the local said, reflects that there is no fear of the police or administration. “The fact that BDO office and police station is just within a km of the incident area is more frightening. No political motivation, religious differences, ethnical problem or anything. It’s a deadly crime where an innocent has been killed for nothing. I hope each and everyone involved is brought to justice,” the local added.

Partha Dey

posted on Facebook expressing his anger and his desire we all share for justice,
A man (sic) transwoman was stoned till death in a broad daylight by the crowd at Nagrakata, North Bengal a couple of days ago. He (sic) She was killed because he dressed like a woman! Aren’t you appalled by this!? Don’t you think that people having different gender identity and sexual orientation have the right to live. You know, the Trans-kothi-queer community members have their own personal struggle and suffering in life. Most of them have been dealing with their inner conflict between body and mind. They are struggling to find their identity. Given that when they need much care and support from us, they are getting violence from us. Brutal violence! It is horrendous! It cannot be continued. This is happening because of our ignorance, insensitivity, and indifferent shrug!
You can definitely play an active role to bring about changes!
Just make a group of 10 – 15 people and call me up. I will be meeting you to have a discussion on gender issues, LGBTQIA issues. Inbox me.
I hope FEM West Bengal, EkSaath, Swyam’s Yuva group will support me.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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