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Wells Fargo keeps lesbian ad despite Billy Graham Foundation’s early withdrawal

Wells Fargo keeps lesbian ad
The Wells Fargo commercial “Learning Sign Language” featuring a lesbian couple.

“No, we will not be pulling the ad,” said Wells spokeswoman Valerie Miller Williams in Charlotte. According to NBC Bay Area, this ad made Wells Fargo the first American bank to showcase a same sex relationship in a national campaign. So the Billy Graham did what that had to and moved their money to a different LGBT-friendly bank.

Sometimes there just ain’t no winning for losing for LGBT haters. No, but really, what would cause a Christian evangelistic foundation to move their bank accounts? Inhumanity, Pedophilia? Perhaps Zoophilia in the banks workforce?


How about a heartwarming advertisement featuring two bank customers learning sign language in order to adopt a deaf child. The advertisement wouldn’t have mattered to the Billy Graham foundation except it featured a couple who happen to be of the same sex. The advert which is heart warming, loving and caring, traits evidently not considered Christian values by Billy Graham foundation or the American Family association who joined them in protest.

The Billy Graham Foundation issued a statement about the transfer in response to the controversy. Quote:

“It is true that a local BB&T branch in the Miami area hosted a fundraiser for a program called Legacy Couples, which recognizes same-sex couples who have been in committed relationships for 10 years or more; but the bank did not promote this program through a national advertising campaign (or we would still be looking for another bank).”

So the reason decided to move their account was because BB&T hasn’t sponsored an advertisement on national TV which features a loving couple preparing to adopt a special needs child. But BB&T has done local promotions for pride but evidently that’s fine.

Or was it just a spiteful move by bitter vindictive evangelists? I’ll take the latter of the two.

As a religion writer for The Washington Post noted, “corporate America has already made its decision on the gay issue. Other than hiding his funds in a mattress, Graham has few banking alternatives.

Another option they could explore would be moving their foundation to another country perhaps? One that’s a little less embracing of LGBT people maybe? Or maybe stop trying to withdraw from life and truly embrace every human as Christ wanted us too. I’ll take the latter.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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