Wednesday ‘Mini Statements’ Open Andrade Murder Trial


“GREELEY – During the second day of jury selection, the prosecution and defense in the Allen Andrade murder trial gave a glimpse into how each side will proceed throughout trial.”

“The prosecution [ Weld County Deputy District Attorney Brandi Nieto ] went first saying Andrade, 32, intentionally and deliberately murdered Angie Zapata, 18, on July 16, 2008. “

“You’re also going to learn from the evidence that there’s absolutely no evidence of any sexual activity occurring either on or around the time this murder was committed,” Nieto said.

“Andrade’s defense attorney, Annette Kundelius, followed saying Andrade did kill Zapata, but argued the murder was a crime of passion and doesn’t rise to the level of first degree murder or a bias motivated crime. “

“When [Andrade] learned Angie was in fact Justin and was a male, he immediately reacted to that,” she said. “He had been deceived and he reacted.”

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