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WBC chased out of KC by supportive parents and friends of trans homecoming queen

Landon Patterson WBC
Be sure to watch the video below the FOX video. It rocks.


Westboro Baptist Church members signs in hand beat a hasty retreat with parents and friends of Oak Park High School’s transgender homecoming queen Landon Patterson in hot pursuit!

A couple of weeks ago our feel good story about Landon being voted homecoming queen went viral. Well, today we have a feel good Friday update about Landon only this time it’s the parents who are making our Friday sunny and bright!

The first video from Fox Carolina is great but be sure to click the video below that. It will open to Facebook where you can watch and AMAZING video of the community literally chasing the WBC OUT of town!!

FOX Carolina 21 THIS! be sure to click this image. You will be taken to the video by “Yours Forever Photography” showing the WBC being run out of town. From the inside of the WBC van as they were run out of town…

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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