Watch The Black Trans Bank Advertisement That The President Destroyed

Assista ao anúncio do banco Brasileiro com negros e transexuais que Bolsonaro detestava.

Bolsonaro Bank Advertisement

News of the ad’s removal comes a day after Bolsonaro reportedly said Brazil should not become a “gay paradise.”

Brazil’s newly elected president Jair Brasileiro was so upset by a Bank of Brazil advertisement that he called and demanded it be destroyed and those responsible for it be fired. And according to ABC News, he got his wish.

This comes on the heels of the murder of the first feminist lesbian lawmaker, the sole gay Senator fleeing due to threats, the election of two black and transgender female activists and death threats against them by fellow legislators.

Erica Malunguinho, the first Brazilian transgender legislator shook Sao Paulo’s legislature’s foundation to the core by giving this raised fist salute after being sworn in.

‘As Long As They Don’t Kill Us, We Will Survive’: Brazil’s First Black Trans Lawmaker Resists Fear.

The video must have been highly offensive, right? The glitzy advertisement for a banking app targeting young men and woman of color was by western standards socially normal and safe for work. Watch it and you can decide for yourself.

Brasileiro, elected on a fascist, racist and anti-LGBT platform is now ruling a country with the highest annual death toll of LGBT people in the world. So in retrospect, Brasileiro’s fear of minorities isn’t surprising and neither was his action, just disgusting.

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