Watch: Parents who pulled their child from middle school and the transgender student’s response

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The transgender student, 13-year-old D.W. Trantham says she just needs to pee.

Boise Idaho. Two parents pulled their children from South Junior High, after learning that a transgender girl is in attendance. Pauline Adams and Jacob Smith said that they wouldn’t allow children of opposite sexes to use a bathroom simultaneously in their own home, and are upset that the school is doing so now.

KBOI contacted the Boise School District to ask what its policy is when it comes to issues like this.

“The Office of Civil Rights has informed all schools that they must provide access to the facility of the transgendered students’ choice,” the statement reads.

KBOI asked the couple why this isn’t an issue for those who already use the facilities and why some people might say this doesn’t seem like a big issue.

“I’ve heard a lot of that same response, but this isn’t just setting a rule for this one kid,” said Smith. “This is also allowing, if a female chose to go to school who thought she should be a boy. This is also allowing her to choose to use the men’s room. There is not as much privacy in the men’s room.”

“It was really devastating to think that parents were so scared of me and that their lack of understanding led them to take their child out of school,” D.W. ytold

As a transgender teen, D.W. has been through a lot, but never thought her choice of bathroom would be an issue for other people.

Earlier in the year she would use the nurses bathroom, but after a long fight the district let her use the correct one.

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