Watch Fifth Harmony’s powerful message to trans people

fifth harmony post

“The stunning, confident, magical woman standing next to me is named Camila Joe,”

Cabello wrote. “I met her during a signing last year when her name was “Joey” and she told me I inspired her to have the courage to transition. And right before my eyes, today I saw a beautiful, confident woman (with IMMACULATE EYELINER by the way).” When the Harmonizer told her that she was going to go by the name Camila Joe, Cabello “kinda lost it with excitement.” “There’s a light in someone’s eyes when they become who they want to be,” she continued. “Today you lit up the whole room. i love you darlin. WORK THAT POSE.”

Fifth Harmoney powerfull message

“I’m really really excited about this because this literally made my life” she said. “A fan of ours, Camila told me that I gave her the courage to transition”. She was so beautiful and there was just such a light about her. We had met her before, like two years ago when her name was joe and she showed me a picture oh this was me. And I remember meeting her then and seeing the transformation in her face and just see the light of her eyes and confidence and radiance.

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