Watch Brooke Guinan NYC’s first trans firefighter talk about life in this male dominated job



The woman of the NY Fire Department

I have the honor of being Georgia’s friend on Facebook. She is working 24 hour shifts, doing the work that I so remember seeing from 9/11. Those woman and men so bravely without a moment hesitation ran up the tower stairs to save lives. Those were without a doubt the bravest most unselfish people I have ever seen.

Our trans sister is humbled to know we look up to her. It’s not just her being a firefighter and it’s not that she transition that makes her a icon. It’s her  will to be the best she can, regardless of how the world thinks she should be.  It’s called breaking the chains of patriarchy and it starts here.  Now.


Georgia explains “A lot of times you discount yourselves because of the way the world around you gives off this oppression which you internalize. I can’t do that.”

“This is the first time trans people have had mainstream attention that they have been able to tell their stories. This is the first time that we as trans people have been able to stand up and say these are the issues that I face on a daily basis. This is our lives . It makes a difference when it comes from the people who face the issues not someone who is talking about or at you.”

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