Watch Out Britain Arch TERF Sheila Jeffreys is retiring from Australian teaching post

It is official! Sheila Jeffreys, that Arch Princess of TERFS, is set to retire from her post at Melbourne University and return to spend her years in Britain.

TERF Sheila Jeffreys

Sheila Jeffreys played the victim card by calling security to her retirement commencement a ploy typical of TERFs. A Google search shows that Jefferys has never been attacked or even threatened by anyone.

Now 67, Sheila has held her post in Melbourne for 24 years. She has used this post and her position of privilege and protection to spew forth her demonic diatribes on Transgender authenticity and sought to have us excluded from any form of connection or inclusion.

TERF Sheila Jeffreys

Jefferys enraged the indigenous Australian trans community when she equated their existence to blackface in her last book “gender hurts”.

No doubt Sheila has a right to her views and to freely express them, but she has used her post here to skew the minds and thinking of those young students who have passed through her faculty. She has used the privilege of her post to validate her views which are opinionative only, they lack the support of proven fact and certainly fly in the face of  the mountain of evidence now being accumulated against her views.

I doubt her retirement will cause her any less reason to spew forth her opinion.

Editors note: This video is inserted as an educational tool to illustrate the harm that Jefferys has done to young impressionable feminist woman. PTG does not endorse or affirm the views expressed in this video. “Gender Hurts” can be found and reviewed by readers on Amazon.

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