Wanted for Attacking Three Transgender women on Hollywood Blvd

Trigger Warning. Violent video and content.

Eden The Doll

These six men were seen in the video they recorded and shared online mocking the victims and encouraging the assailants. The man in the tank top was seen hitting and robbing the transgender women.

Social influencer Eden The Doll and two other transgender women were attacked and robbed on Hollywood Boulevard early Monday morning. One of the men above posted this video of the crime on social media. It was quickly deleted but not before a friend of the victims copied it and shared it with Eden, who annotated it and shared it with her 407,000 followers on Instagram

The victims who are black trans women are incredulous that black men held them at knifepoint while others walked by as they were beaten and robbed.

It is wholly possible, given that one of the men had a very expensive camera, that the assailants went out that night fully intending to document their crimes. It is unknown if this was their only criminal activity of the evening. Thanks to Eden The Doll’s social presence this one might be their last.

A representative of the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the department received a call shortly after 2:40 a.m. Monday morning regarding the incident, and that a robbery report was taken by a detective. The LAPD also confirmed that no arrests have been made yet, but that it is searching for suspects.

Dennis Feitosa who runs the DefNoodles accounts named the alleged attackers “These are the men who allegedly attacked and robbed Eden The Doll, Jaslene Whitehorse, and Joslyn Flawless on Hollywood Blvd, according to Twitter and Instagram users. if you have any information on these men please contact the LAPD.”

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