Transgender woman dragged from home and beaten

Trigger Warning, extreme violence


Wanderlândia, Tocantins, Brazil

Are criminals in Brazil so impervious to the law that they can record themselves committing crimes without fear of being prosecuted?

Five men dragged a transgender woman from her mother’s home Dec 27th and recorded themselves beating her. The cowardly attack which occurred in the town of Wanderlândia, Tocantins, Brazil over an alleged theft of a cell phone wasn’t reported to police until the 29th.

The victim’s mother, Maria de Lourdes da Silva, told Gay 1 Notícias that her daughter tried to hide in a trunk when the house where they live was invaded. She’s disgusted. “It is a cowardice for having taken five men to hit a defenseless person,” said the farmer.

A video shows the moment that men invade the house and begin to attack the girl, who is dragged out of the place by her hair and was beaten with pieces of wood.

The victim was taken to the hospital with deep cuts to her face and body requiring stitches but did not suffer broken bones.

“I made the request for an investigation of crime because the police did not have the perpetrators names. Even if she did steal anything, she does not deserve what they did and anyways she did not steal anyone’s cell phone,” her mother said.

Grupo de 5 homens espanca transexuaal com pauladas from Portal Gay1 on Vimeo.

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