Voters reject effort to roll back transgender rights in Uruguay

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A ballot-box effort to roll back transgender rights in Uruguay failed to draw enough voters to the polls to trigger a national referendum, reports reuters, prompting LGBT+ rights supporters to declare victory on Monday over the conservative-backed initiative.

Fewer than 10% of eligible voters came out on Sunday in support of the effort, which sought to strike down a 2018 law that made it easier for trans people to change their gender identity and guaranteed their right to health care.

A turnout of at least 25% was required to put the question to a nationwide vote.

The law that enraged conservatives ” Ley Integral Para Personas Trans”  created amoung other things a pathway to transition for minors not in parental custody.

Gay Star reported in 2018 that trans people with the passage of the law could self-identify their gender and update their legal name, without SRS or approval from a judge.

The new law also created scholarships for trans people to access education, as well as sets up affirmative action. It also now acknowledges the self-identification of non-binary people.

This new law was loudly wecomed since the life expectencey of transgender Urugayans is only 35 years of age, when the national average is 77. This inequality can is attributed to familial rejection, joblessness and homelessness and the resultant reliance on survival sex work.

The human rights victory in Uraguay is part of an international movement towards equality as voters in the United States recently upheld transgender empowering laws in Washington State and Massachusetts that conservatives attempted to repeal.

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