Virginia School Board reverses itself and bans Trans students from bathrooms

Gavin Grim
“I’m fighting for my rights to use the correct restroom.” Gavin Grimm.

Tenth grader trans man Gavin Grimm will now have to use the girls bathroom at School or the Nurse’s restroom. Grimm was using the correct restroom until hate mongers stirred up enough discontent among parents to force the board to reconsider.

“There have been some parents in the community, or rather adults, that have had a problem with this,” Grimm told NBC Washington. “I’m fighting for my rights to use the correct restroom.”

The man who organized ‘save our schools’, Russ Moulton, compared their effort to that of the minute men and promised to make discrimination the standard for all Stafford county.

Virgina bathroom video

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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