Five separate incidents of violence occurred at the WI Spa in LA following an online rant in which a woman alleged that a male patron disrobed in front of her. It was not clear if any transgender people were present or hurt at the protest.

The conflagration began when Instagram user Cubana Angel posted a video of her berating a WI Spa employee. The video didn’t show her face, or offer proof of her allegations, went viral, but has since been removed from Instagram.

NBC News reports that some of the protesters, according to images and videos from the scene, included apparent QAnon supporters with T-shirts that mention the term “Pedowood,” a baseless theory about a secret cabal of Satanist child abusers in government, entertainment, and the media.

The video showed demonstrators clashing with each other and with the police. Protesters’ chants included, “Save our children,” another expression affiliated with QAnon, TERFs, and right-wing hate groups that have distributed boilerplate anti-trans legislation to Republican legislators.

LAPD spokesperson Officer Mike Lopez told the LA Blade via phone Saturday afternoon that a number of confrontations took place at Wi Spa at 2700 Wilshire Blvd., which resulted in 5 separate crimes including 3 physical assaults, and 2 other assaults one involving use of a deadly weapon. Lopez said that the LAPD is actively pursuing investigations into the 5 incidents and also acknowledged that several persons were reported injured as a result of the two sides clashing.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender