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Video: Trump Back The Blue Rally Chant KILL TRANSGENDERS

SHOCKING: A Trump Back the Blue rally changed their chant from “All Lives Matter” to “Kill TRANSGENDERS” stunning human rights activists around the world. The dozen or so Nazi’s had been previously been chanting “ALL LIVES MATTER” in competition to the hundred BLACK LIVES MATTER rallying across the street.

It’s shocking because someone from the Trump group said what they were all thinking. Trump foments hatred of trans people and especially black trans people by giving people step by step instructions on how to out us.

You could almost feel the audible gasp by the BLACK LIVES MATTERS group but you hear the shouts of their anger. The change of chants also apparently took the Trump group off guard as you can’t hear many repeating that chant. Yet not a single person from the Back The Blue Trump group showed any objection or walked away.

The Gaily Grind reports that many of the offending group wore Trump the shirts and waved Thin Blue Line flags to show support of Police.

CBS KDKA reports that the BLACK LIVES MATTERS group which stood outside of Shaler Area School District wasn’t expecting an oppistion rally.

One man, who only gave the name Mike, attended the Back the Blue rally and said they were there to support the police.

“The police put their lives on the line every single day,” he said. “They don’t care what color you are.”

Sophia Kachur, an organizer of the Black Lives Matter rally, said it was important for people of the Shaler area to show support for people of color.

“We just wanted to show there were people willing to listen to Black and Brown people in this community,” she said.

Any confrontation between the two sides was through words.

For several minutes, both sides stood facing one another while chanting.

Black Lives Matter attendees held signs with various messages like “no justice, no peace.”

They also chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

On the other side, attendees of the Back the Blue rally chanted “All Lives Matter.”

Many at the Back the Blue rally were wearing apparel supporting President Trump and waiving thin blue line flags, which are intended to show support for law enforcement.

Kachur said organizers of the Black Lives Matter protest were not expecting counter-protesters.

“We believe in supporting Black and Brown people, so it’s like why would anyone think that’s a bad message?”

While some of those at the Back the Blue rally did walk out into the street, both groups mostly stayed on their respective sides.

A video sent to KDKA by a viewer did show a particularly tense moment – when a person appearing to be from the Back The Blue rally began showing, “kill transgenders.”

Many nearby are heard reacting in shock.

After that, speakers addressed the Black Lives Matter group about their experiences in the community, while those from the other side continued to chant.

Shaler Police were on hand to block the street.

Both groups left without incident after 5:00 p.m.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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