Video Trans woman takes a beat down for a hit of crack

What can I say? This is the sad reality for many trans woman. The ones who have lived through this and are here to talk about it are the ones, like myself, who kicked the addiction.

Too many times we dance around addiction in our posts and conversations about the obscenely high percentage of murders of trans woman of color in comparison to the overall murders of LGB people.

There’s a reason. It’s a difficult task to talk about something that we perceive as a weakness and worst yet, something that detractors and haters could use against us.

But here it is, addiction in all its glory. This person doesn’t care about her mental health, or her chances of being murdered, and all for the sake of one more hit on a stem.

It’s my hope that this video with its graphic triggering violence will make one trans woman think twice. I hope it will help one trans woman who is so depressed about rejection by family, joblessness and homelessness to realize you are of worth.

Getting high made everything good. It erased my discomfort with my true gender. That sense of euphoria lasts about as long as it takes to exhale.

And if you ignore this truth? One day, if you haven’t already, you will be beaten, or maybe one day murdered. It happens all the time and it must stop. That’s something only we can do by being honest about our addictions.

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Kelli Busey an outspoken gonzo style journalist has been writing since 2007. In 2008, she brought the Dallas Advocate on-line and has articles published by the Reconciling Ministries Network, The Transsexual Menace, The Daily Kos, Frock Magazine the TransAdvocate, the Dallas Voice and The Advocate. Kelli, an avid runner is editor in chief at Planet Transgender which she founded in 2007.

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