Video: Planet Transgender 2014 in review

planet in review

2014 was amazing, heartbreaking and breathtaking. We’ve seen trans marriages be invalidated, pumpers jailed, and the Pacific Justice Institute fail. AGAIN!

We’ve watched our agenda make historic strides with weekly trifecta transgender rights wins.

But for all our victories, we still fail if we don’t find a way to raise our trans sisters and brothers of color up.

There was the risky move by Planet Transgender to self hosting and an amazing template which has paid off tenfold with the addition of amazing journalists from around the world. I wish I could have included the thousands of posts we wrote. Everyone is worthy of our attention then and now.

But all in all, a bad year for hate and a great year for us.

2014 planet in review from Kelli Busey on Vimeo.

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