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Video: Black Brazilian Transsexuals on life in the most deadly place on earth

Sao Paulo black transgender

São Paulo, Brazil may arguably be the most deadly known place on earth for transgender people. The key to this sentence is “Known”. Many areas on earth have similar conditions, maybe even worst. But because of other factors like laws which enforce localized and nationalized criminalization of transsexuality, and religious oppression little is known about them.

As a white person, I feel the room spin when an apparently nice white friend’s racism suddenly and inexplicably, rears its ugly head. But I shouldn’t be shaken or surprised.  We have an epidemic of violent racism in America which the LGBT community isn’t immune to. This bigotry, sometimes emanating from out own community manifests itself on our black trans brothers and sisters where they live eating like a cancer at their hearts. This too often results in a sense of hopelessness, unemployment, homelessness, drug abuse and almost invariably, violence.

As it turns out, some of those in this video didn’t know they’d be feared after transitioning, not so much for being trans, but for being black and male.

So what can we do? We can watch and share this. Every time we do this, another person becomes interested and they too might pass it along. Before long this Brazilian community which was previously nearly invisible to us behind the language barrier becomes our friends, our comrades.

And eventually, governments and societal conceptions begin to change and we become human to those who would have murdered us.

It’s bad here in the US of A but it’s nothing like what black transgender people in Brazil face. It’s literally Transgendercide. I was asked by a reader to share this video trailer. (you’ll have to X out The annoying advert so see the subtitles)

“Porque os outros olham e falam assim: ‘nossa, ela já é preta, já é travesti, e ainda é pobre!”

Através de entrevistas com jovens negros LGBTTs de diferentes partes da cidade de São Paulo, a série Pretxs busca trazer algumas das questões que fazem parte do dia-a-dia daqueles que são obrigados a lidar (todos os dias e ao mesmo tempo) com as opressões de raça, gênero, orientação sexual e classe.

Em breve mais episódios!

Imagens: Jay Viegas, Vinicius Pereira, Luisa Vasconcellos, Antonia Baudouin
Edição e finalização: Jay Viegas

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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