Veso Golden First Trans Woman to Compete in an African Cis Beauty Pageant

Veso Golden


Veso Golden
Veso Golden / Facebook/ Instagram

Transgender model Veso Golden made history this weekend by not only becoming the first to compete but also the first to reach the top ten in a cisgender mainstream beauty pageant held in Africa.

As first reported by competition to represent Ghana in the Miss Continental Europe was fierce. The 10 contestants, all very beautiful, talented, and brave competed in the grand finale August 31, 2019. The event was hosted by Jsite Model Agency Gh, Adenta Ghana, which has yet to update their Facebook page.

I mentioned brave amongst the attributes of the contestants. This is true for a number of reasons but none more so than for Veso Golden. If you watch the Miss Europe Continental 2018 finals held in Italy one thing stands out. All of the contestants are white barbie dolls. There was no racial diversity. At all.

And if you tried to cast a vote for Golden prior to her finals you will notice another thing. You have to pay a fee for each vote cast. It becomes immediately clear that Veso had to overcome a number of obstacles, but none more debilitating than hate.

Veso Golden wrote  “I did my best last night, everyone was screaming my name and that alone made me proud. Thanks, guys for all your support. I may not have won the crown but I made history and I am proud of it. I faced discrimination from organizers that took my money ? only to show their real hate for me few minutes to crowning. Thank you God for giving me the courage to do this. I’m forever a beauty queen ?”

Veso Golden has earned a place in our hearts. She might appreciate you saying so on her Facebook page. Dearest lady, you truly are our supergirl.

Published in 2018 by Miss India Beauty Pageants, Veso Golden Oke, a Nigerian born transgender woman talks about the challenges she had to face. In a society where transgender people are yet to be easily accepted, Veso’s struggle was no different.

The intrusive and inappropriate questions asked by this obnoxious host in 2019 interview were the sort that trans people in the US were hounded about a decade ago.
Veso Golden answered those questions as graciously as one could ever expect until the host went too far. Then she told him as she should. Advocacy, especially at such a basic level takes a toll on one’s soul.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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