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Ana Karen Velasco Castelán
South America

Veracruz Trans Woman Anakaren Velasco Castelán Brutally Murdered

R.I.P Ana Karen Velasco Castelán /Image via

Anakaren Velasco Castelán, 25, was shot in the face and died instantly early Saturday morning in downtown Veracruz, Mexico.

Anakaren Velasco Castelan was married to Luis Angel Davalos Perez. She was a wife and a human being who did not deserve to have her life ended so horrifically.

Anakaren was an openly trans woman who introduced herself on Facebook ” Soy una mujer Trans. Feliz y Enamorada” “I am a Trans woman. Happy and in love”.

Annakaren Studied Ciencias de la comunicación at Universidad Villa Rica and went to Colegio de Bachilleres de Tabasco plantel 1 and to ESCUELA SECUNDARIA TECNICA INDUSTRIAL NUM. 69.
She lived in Boca del Río, Veracruz and was married to Luis Angel Davalos Perez.

Notiver,com identified the victim, Anakaren Velasco Castelán, and said that the shooting occurred about 4:00 am Saturday morning at the intersection of Sánchez Tagle and Ignacio Allende streets.

Her body was transferred to the Semefo de Boca del Río where a relative identified her according to Veracruz

According to Remembering Our Dead project 16 transgender people have been murdered in Mexico since the 2019 TDoR.

The Observador Veracruzano wrote on Facebook accompying the above picture ‘La comunidad Lgbttti pidió que el asesinato de la joven transexual Anakaren Velasco Castelán no quede impune y se aplique el artículo 144 del código penal del Estado de Veracruz con las causales agravantes del crimen de la joven. Su cuerpo fue encontrado en Sánchez Tagle y la avenida Allende, según reportan los medios de comunicación dedicados a la fuente policiaca. Con este artero crimen en contra de Anakaren Velasco Castelán suman 10 asesinatos en los que las víctimas son personas de la comunidad Lgbttti.”

“The LGBTI community asked that the murder of the young transsexual Anakaren Velasco Castelán not go unpunished and that article 144 of the penal code of the State of Veracruz be applied, with the aggravating causes of the young woman’s crime.

Her body was found in Sánchez Tagle and Allende Avenue, according to reports in the media dedicated to the police source. With this devious crime against Anakaren Velasco Castelán, there are 10 murders in which the victims are people from the LGBTI community.”

R.I.P. Anakaren Velasco Castelán

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