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Valkyrie nightclub apologizes for discriminating against trans woman Veejay Floresca

Veejay Floresca
Veejay Floresca creations have been seen on runways in Japan, United Kingdom, USA, and China.

The Philippine nightclub Valkyrie apologizes to transgender woman Veejay Floresca for denying her entrance on June 13th.

The bouncers at the popular nightspot Valkyrie told fashion designer Veejay Floresca they didn’t allow crossdressers adding insult to injury by telling her “Lalaki pa rin ‘yan, (He’s still a man).”
The bouncers relented after seeing her California ID where she is studying fashion design, indicating she is female.

Veejay Floresca posted on facebook

“I don’t like ranting on Facebook, but I think this issue needs to be solved. Last night, I went to Valkyrie with a friend. I was on guest list. When I was about to get in, the bouncer refused to let me in because according to dress code policy, they don’t allow cross dresser. I smiled and showed them my California State ID. I said “I’m female. I don’t live here, im from California.” The bouncer apologized and allowed me to get inside. In my 3 years of living in the U.S. This never happened to me. To the people of Valkyrie, please have an open mind and understanding”

Reading the comments it becomes clear that the club bias is based on cash. Trans woman and crossdressers are welcomed as long as they buy a VIP table.

Valkyrie apologized sending a statement to PEP which reads in part

“The management of Valkyrie Nightclub (the ‘Club’) has been made aware of a recent incident in which certain individuals were denied entry into the Club.
“Club management would like to apologize to these individuals if the denial of entry resulted in their embarrassment or made them feel disrespected in any way.

“The Club does not refuse entry on the basis of an individual’s sexual orientation.

“In denying entry to these individuals, the Club’s personnel were merely adhering to its safety policies and guidelines,” bungad na pahayag sa official statement ng Valkyrie, na ipinadala ng part-owner na si Neil Arce sa PEP.

The club’s conflation of sexual oreintation and gender expression didn’t go unoticed by Floresca’s friends, Sass Rogando Sasot, an internationally renowned trans activist begun the hashtag campaign #BeyondValkyrie and noted “We have to talk about this particular issue in relation to broader systemic forms of oppression. This No Cross-dressing policy is merely a symptom of the cancer that is homophobia/transphobia/genderphobia.”

The incident also didn’t go unnoticed by a shareholder in the club, a self-professed crossdresser Jose Marie Viceral. He entered the fray after disclosing that he regularly visits the club while dressed and noted that the club policy needed to be changed.

The Philippines have come a long way towards understanding and accepting transgender people. It was just a few years ago when in October 2013 that Jennifer Laude was murdered. At the time of her murder, the news reporting, on the whole was highly problematic.

Times have changed. A sense of pride.

In todays video announcers made special note that the incident occured on Independence day. It’s only conjectutre but I submit that Laudes slaying by a foreign soldier has helped people to associate being true to one’s gender with national pride.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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