Valentina Sampaio comes out with L’Oréal Paris on Woman’s Day

Valentina Sampaio
Valentina Sampaio
L'Oréal Valentina Sampaio
The incredibly hot Valentina Sampaio with L’Oréal Paris on Woman’s Day. (wise to have firefighting eq close by)

Conheça Valentina Sampaio! Meet transsexual Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio who came out as trans during her first International Woman’s Day.

“We believe that every woman is worth a lot.” writes Loreal Paris in the video description. “Meet Valentina Sampaio and see why this International Woman’s Day is even more special to her. #TodaMulherValeMuito #ValeMuito #lorealparis

International Woman’s day offers a pledge that you can sign to promote gender parity, this year’s theme. One of the options you may choose while signing if you so choose is ‘third gender/non-binary’.

The beauty of the idea, created by WMcCann and readily embraced by L’Oréal Paris, generated spontaneous expressions of support from all involved – the producer of the video, KN Productions, the renowned photographer Paulo Vainer. “We want to take this message of feminine pride everywhere, showing that the identity of the woman does not have to do only with sex at birth,” said Viviane Pepe, Director of the agency’s creation.

Valentina Sampaio L'Oréal


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Valentina commented on her Instagram post
“A historical picture for me. Thanks to all involved.?✨
Having stamped on the portfolio a click @paulovainer in full campaign for @lorealmakeup is a luxury for a few and I am so very proud.??”

The video produced by L’Oréal Paris with Valentina Sampaio coming out as trans on Woman’s Day’s day is no longer available so we shared this more recent video. SI Model, Trans Activist Valentina Sampaio in her own words

Valentina Sampaio First Transgender Victoria’s Secret Model

Munroe Bergdorf‏ on Racism and being dropped by L’Oreal Diversity Campaign because of it

I almost missed this trans positive message while publishing about the 36 murders which occurred in Brazil in the first 70  days of 2016. But this bears repeating. #TodaMulherValeMuito #ValeMuito #lorealparis

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