VA Bathroom Bill Defeated

Va Bathroom Bill
VA Bathroom Bill
A visibly disturbed Delegate Bob Marshall (L) tells a transgender man that he can’t use the bathroom in the Virginia state house

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall’s bathroom bill died in committee but not before he and his supporting transphobic cabal stumbled into the unfamiliar territory we know as reality.

Marshall’s HB 1612 Physical Privacy Act, one of the 12 bathroom bills introduced this year would have required people to use public restrooms and facilities that correspond with their “biological gender” that appears on their birth certificate.

In an event staged in the state capitol building by the Virginia First Foundation Marshall threatened the NCAA and called Forbes ‘fake news’ for publishing their economic findings resulting from North Carolina’s HB2.

Stumbling deeper into the abyss of bigotry CBS 6 reported that “both Marshall and Virginia First leaders said they were not aware of any sexual violence related to a transgender person in Virginia using a bathroom that differed from their gender at birth.”

Yet they persisted in pushing this bill as a rational response to a problem that doesn’t exist?

GayRVA reported that Marshall, repeating his argument from last week’s press conference, threatened the NCAA if they tried to boycott Virginia over the proposed bill, mocked criticism of North Carolina’s HB2, and warned of the dangers of letting a “biological male” into a women’s restroom.

Opposition toward the bill was present, including a familiar face from Marshall’s past, Theo Kahn, the transman who confronted him during last week’s press conference. Today, Kahn told the subcommittee that, as a transgender man, Del. Marshall’s bill would directly affect him.

“Currently I use the men’s room, where I just go to the bathroom. That’s it. There’s nothing else to do in the bathroom other than go to the bathroom…behind a stall,” Kahn said. “Nobody is seeing you. It’s private. So for the physical privacy that this act pretends to protect, my privacy is already protected. If this bill were to pass, it would make it so that I am forced to use the women’s room. Can you imagine me in the women’s room? I would have the police called on me. Please don’t make my state discriminate against me.”

Marshall and Virginia First disappear down the rabbit hole dragging with him the ‘hundreds’ who he claimed contacted him in support of discrimination.

Theo Kahn posted on Facebook.

I did it, I asked Bob Marshall and his whole hateful group where he’d like for me to go to the bathroom. On camera, with witnesses. Bob Marshall told me “not here” then went on about third options so we challenged him that his legislation didn’t discuss that. Then one of the Virginia First Foundation people called me Sir, so I called him out on that. And everyone applauded, and holy s#it.

Also in the line of opposing speakers was Amy Adams, the mother of three children, one of whom is a 12 year old transgender girl.

“She deserves to be protected just like every single person in this room, as much as every one of your children do,” Adams said.

The subcommittee voted by voice to leave the bill on the table, killing it for the season

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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