Utah Rupblican’s bill would mandate genitila inspection of students

Meet Michael S. Kennedy (R) the Republican wants to look at school children’s genitalia. OK, so he wouldn’t personally gawk but he wants to have everyone he deems suspiciously gendered certified by a doctor.

That’s creepy.

Lets not stop there Rep. Kennedy! Why don’t we stare at every child judgmentally, to decide if their genitalia should be inspected. You never know these days, there are many trans children using hormone blockers living fully integrated lives, happily with their peers.

This grown man doesn’t have anything better to do? And he’s a ‘doctor’? As first broke by PARKER MARIE MOLLOY at the Advocate….

Well I guess it’s pretty much a sure fire way to get reelected in Utah if you prey on trans children. Here’s a partial transcript of HB0087:

Part 15. Student Accommodations

             882          53A-11-1501. Gender-segregated bathrooms in public schools.
             883          (1) (a) “Bathroom” means a room intended for more than one occupant at a time that:
             884          (i) contains a toilet or a urinal; or
             885          (ii) is used by occupants to undress and dress.
             886          (b) “Gender identity” means an individual’s own opinion of whether the individual is:
             887          (i) male;
             888          (ii) female;
             889          (iii) neither male nor female;
             890          (iv) both male and female; or
             891          (v) another designation.
             892          (2) A student may not use a public school’s gender-segregated bathroom if the
             893      bathroom does not correspond to the student’s gender.
             894          (3) A school district or charter school shall make available to a student reasonable
             895      alternate bathroom accommodations if:

             896          (a) the student’s consistently-asserted gender identity does not strictly correspond to the
             897      student’s gender; and
             898          (b) the student requests alternate bathroom accommodations.
             899          (4) A local school board or charter school governing board shall establish a policy in
             900      accordance with this section.

1181          (9) (a) “Gender” means the either male or female phenotype designation of an
             1182      individual as documented by:
             1183          (i) the individual’s birth certificate, if the individual has not obtained a designation
             1184      under Subsection (9)(a)(ii); or
             1185          (ii) a signed, written document from a physician, as defined in Section 58-67-102 , that,
             1186      based on a physical examination of the individual’s genitalia, designates the individual
             1187      phenotypically as either male or female, if:
             1188          (A) the individual does not have a birth certificate that designates the individual as
             1189      either male or female; or
             1190          (B) the document conflicts with the individual’s birth certificate.
             1191          (b) “Gender” does not mean an individual’s own opinion of whether the individual is:
             1192          (i) male;
             1193          (ii) female;
             1194          (iii) neither male nor female;
             1195          (iv) both male and female; or
             1196          (v) another designation.
             1197          (c) “Gender” is defined for the purposes of state law only and does not apply to federal
             1198      law.

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