Utah Lawmaker introduces bill to fund anti-transgender medical study

Brad Daw

Utah State Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem said that he was drafting a bill to regulate the medical treatment of transgender minors during a January interview with the Herald Extra.

While that bill hasn’t been introduced a far more deadly threat lurks on the horizon.

Rep. Brad Daw’s bill H.B. 449 would invite medical doctors to study medications and procedures used to treat transgender minors.

Why does Rep. Brad Daw feel it necessary to create a new study of transgender healthcare at taxpayer expense when the medical establishment free of political influence has already done so?

Rep Daw said he was invited to do it by known hate groups.

Rep. Brad Daw told the Salt Lake Tribune he has accepted Eagle Forum’s request to begin drafting such a bill, though his current proposal now contains some changes from the language suggested by the advocacy group.

While his bill would ban surgeries and hormone therapy for minors, it would allow puberty blockers — medications that temporarily puts puberty on hold.

A kinder, gentler, machine gun hand still kills trans kids.

This year we saw a coordinated attack aimed at stopping transgender youth from receiving life-saving medical care. Most of these bills were poorly conceived have already failed. Like a punch drunk fighter windmilling their arms, the majority of the blows thrown by these Republicans have hit doctors and not the children they were intended for.

Rep. Brad Daw is one cagey fighter, looking to reconstruct the narrative by inviting those same doctors to his side of the ring.

Hopefully, Daw’s bill will remain outside of the ring but regardless it is a bellwether of things to come.

Brad Daw

LGBTQ Nation reports that Daw is currently serving his third straight term as the representative of House District 60, covering the north part of the Orem-Provo, Utah metropolitan area. His biography describes him as “a husband, father, engineer” and farmer’s son. His Facebook page also includes an entire album featuring pictures of “Brad & Family”, with his wife and children.

His sister, her transgender husband, or their children – including one who is also trans – are not included.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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