Utah Advances Bill To Fund Anti-Trans Healthcare Study

So the new plan is to conduct partisan backed 'medical' studies to add credibility to laws that will kill our children.

Anti-Trans Healthcare Study

Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem

Having failed to criminalize transgender affirming healthcare this Republican legislator is seeking to rewrite medical studies to validate proposed laws that will kill transgender youth.

Utah State Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem, told the Herald Extra last January that he intended to draft a bill denying transgender minors life saving medical treatment. The bill he was talking about was written by hate groups and disseminated nationwide, one of which according to Rep. Brad Daw invited him to sponsor it.

It has been seen in slightly altered forms in at least 6 states and has failed in every instance to date with the possible exception of Alabama where it will most likely be vetoed should it reach the Democratic Governors Desk.

Troy Williams, Executive Director of Equality Utah, was one of many who testified on Utah’s Capitol Hill during the hearing.

“We were worried because it was originally a ban on transgender medical care for youth. These bills have been popping up all over the country — Idaho, Florida, South Dakota and other states — and it creates fear.”

The executive director told Abc4 that he is not opposed to H.B. 449  the substitute version of Daw’ original bill, but says there are some concerns.

“Of course there’s still suspicion from our community that the study won’t be impartial, peer-reviewed, or follow the scientific method. Some worry that a political agenda will determine the outcomes.”

Troy Williams should be more than suspiciously worried. He should be outraged that Democrats on the House Committee like Jennifer Dailey-Provost VOTED FOR this bill.

This attack on transgender minors is politically motivated and if successful will be reproduced ad nauseam by other Republican state legislatures. Troy Williams would be foolish if he allows himself to be mollified by Rep. Brad Daw’s congenial countenance and seemingly benign intentions.

The bill will now go to the House floor for consideration.


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