MN PowerLifting Team ‘Times Out’ Protesting USAPL Transgender Ban

USAPL ban on trans lifters
USAPL ban on trans lifters
Instagram pictures of the USA Powerlifting’s Minnesota State Championship proudly saved by allies.

Nine powerlifters participating at USA Powerlifting’s Minnesota State Championships took the platform but didn’t lift, instead, they let their time expire in protest of USAPL ban on trans lifters.

They made this powerful sacrifice in solidarity with Transgender powerlifter JayCee Cooper who’s recent banning was condemned by a state legislator.

At USA Powerlifting’s Minnesota State Championship members of the powerlifting gyms @movementmn, @solcanafitness, and others went 0 for 9, standing on the platform without attempting their lifts in protest of the USAPL’s exclusion of transgender athletes.

Sadly the announcer refused to name the nine who stood in solidarity. Thankfully many of these courageous athletes sacrifices were documented on Instagram.

One of the lifters, ashleyvse, posted onInstagram.


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I went 0/9 in my second powerlifting meet yesterday and I am not mad about it at all. My teammates, along with #teamgreen from @movementmn, chose to use our platform time to protest @usapowerlifting’s ban on trans lifters. We each stood on the platform running out our time (and disqualifying ourselves) in solidarity. Despite minimal boos and an announcer that flat out refused to say the names of anyone protesting, we were met with minimal resistance. We strongly encourage the USAPL to reconsider their position and follow the lead of the IOC and other strength-based sports that have well thought out trans-inclusive policies. Utilizing outdated, fear-based policies and rhetoric does nothing but reinforce harmful myths about trans people. Trans women ARE WOMEN. Period. We are members of this federation and we are here to make a change. Endless thanks to Anna White and all of the volunteers and judges. We appreciate you! And to my team @solcanafitness and friends at @movementmn, am so grateful to stand next to you in this fight. ?: @maxwellpoessnecker #usaplmnwomensstate #usaplmn #usapl #letthemlift #sharetheplatform #hereonpurpose #istandwithtransathletes #isupporttransathletes

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JayCee Cooperwho couldn’t compete stood on the sidelines in tearful appreciation.



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Finally have had some time to process the @usa_powerlifting_mn state meet and the action of solidarity from friends at @movementmn , @solcanafitness, and others. Saturday morning started with minuscule pockets of people in the crowd booing at dissenting lifters timing out their attempts. This quickly ceased as the message became clearer and more + more pronounced. Minnesota lifters want to share the platform. Minnesota lifters understand that we, trans athletes, are a crucial part of their/OUR community. Sure there was some hate and transphobia – mostly reflecting the misinformed rhetoric coming from the @usapowerlifting national office- and there was plenty of childish behavior from those with a USAPL stamp of approval throughout the weekend. AND, more importantly, there was bonding in solidarity and incredibly important conversations had. <— this is everything. Trans, non-binary, intersex, and gender non-conforming athletes aren’t going away, and in powerlifting, this is only the beginning. Take this as one example of what you can do to support right now. If you’ve been silent until this point, now is the time to say something. Now is the time to do something. ?: @riahgoeshamm #sharetheplatform #istandwithtranslifters #hereonpurpose #powerlifting #fatventurers #usapl #usaplmn #whyicompete #transawareness #transrights #sistersnotcisters #transathlete #lgbt #sportsnews #gaysports #sportisahumanright #queervoices #transpride

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Mariah Hamm owner of photographed the 2019 USAPL MN State Championships and wrote on Instagram:

“I had the absolute honor to document the individuals that decided to time out their lifts, in protest to @usapowerlifting ‘s ban on trans athletes.

Lots of emotions, but just feeling extra grateful that I was able to freeze these powerful moments in time.

Also, please share this post on your story or wherever you see fit. Spread the word.

Thank you to all of the lifters who stood in solidarity and timed-out. (@movementmn & @solcanafitness)
#sharetheplatform #usapl #usapowerlifting #usaplmn #protest #hereonpurpose #transrightsarehumanrights #transrights #lgbtq #transathletes #powerlifting #powerlifter”

Lifter after powerlifter ‘timed out’ meaning that they would take the platform but didn’t lift in solidarity.

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