US Christian Group Ends 40 Day Fast To Stop Gay Marriage


Okay, so here’s a bit of interesting news that I’ve had passed my way, a Virginia based church has just had a 40 day fast as a form of protest to halt same sex marriage in the US. What’s interesting about it though, other than the sheer stupidity of the plan, is that the ‘fast’ didn’t require any of the participants to actually give up food.

Yep, you read that right, a 40 day ‘fast’ in which those participating could eat. So in order to stop same sex marriage these people did a grand total of nothing for 40 days and claimed it’s their protest.

A spokesman for the group has said, ‘We are asking the entire Body of Christ to join us for this feast – giving up physical food isn’t necessary – but feeding on the spiritual food provided is vital.’

The group finished their 40th day of ‘fasting’ today, writing in a letter to supporters, ‘Thank you for participating in these 40 HOLY days of prayer and fasting as we have opened the pages of our Marriage Covenant and travelled through the three stage ritual of a traditional Wedding Ceremony in our journey to a more perfect union with the Lord Jesus Christ. May you, your family, and your ministry be strengthened and encouraged as you continue to walk in all the ways of holiness, and as you open the hearts of others to the knowledge of the Lord’s extraordinary grace and love. ‘

It would, however, seem that this action has had little to no effect on the US Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case soon.

I for one would like to extend my thanks to those who ‘participated’ in the fast, but taking part in this ridiculous imaginary protest I think you’ve hurt your own cause more than that of the LGBT community. I mean, how can anyone hear that you had a ‘fast’ in which you don’t have to give up food in order to prevent loving couples from being married and take your viewpoint seriously?

Conservative Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia hinted this week that a same-sex marriage case would be heard ‘soon’.


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