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Unpacking Hollins University’ New Transgender Policy

Hollins University
Media has called the new policy by every name except what for what it actually is. Defining. Hollins University is defining transgender people’s place in relation to modern culture and higher education.

Last week Hollins University, a liberal arts women’s college in Roanoke Virginia changed its policy regarding transgender people. But many news outlets while admirably attempting to report on it have either buried the lead or just plain failed.

It’s not the mainstream media’s fault, they are just ignorant about gender diversity.

It is simple. Sort of.

A summary of the policy regarding undergraduate students and applicants.

    • Trans women will be considered for admission.
    • Trans men are ineligible to apply for admission due to their gender.
    • Students who transition FTM while attending will be allowed equal opportunity to graduate. or transfer.
    • Gender Non-binary students will not be considered for admission.
    • The policy does not address students who transition to gender non-binary while enrolled.

However, Hollins Univesity has many notable male alumni who attended their graduate programs. The new policy does not specifically address graduate admissions or attendance.

Hollins University published this statement updated on 10/30/2019:

Who is eligible for admission to Hollins? 

Hollins accepts applications from individuals who consistently live and identify as women and who seek an outstanding liberal arts education in a unique environment designed and implemented to serve women.

What does it mean to consistently live and identify as a woman? 

The applicant must affirmatively identify herself as a woman and her application materials must support this self-identification. If the applicant is concerned about discrepancies in her application materials, she can speak with an admission counselor or address any concerns in the essay or personal statement.

Are trans women eligible for admission? 

Yes. Hollins accepts applications from those who consistently live and identify as women.

Are trans men eligible for admission?

No. Hollins accepts applications from those who consistently live and identify as women. Applicants assigned female at birth who now identify as male are not eligible for admission.

Are individuals who identify as non-binary eligible for admission?

No. Hollins accepts applications from those who consistently live and identify as women. To be considered for admission applicants must affirmatively indicate that they consistently live and identify as a woman.

What about Hollins students who transition to male before they complete their degree?

They remain eligible to earn a Hollins degree. If, during a student’s time at Hollins, the student decides that Hollins, as a women’s college, no longer offers the appropriate educational environment, Hollins will offer guidance and resources to assist in making choices that are best for that student.

What does it mean for Hollins’ mission?

Hollins’ mission remains unchanged—to provide an exceptional undergraduate liberal arts education for women. The Board’s decision reaffirms our mission in light of society’s evolving understanding of gender identity.

Updated 10.30.19

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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