University student Katy Casanova expelled for being trans

Katy Casanova
Katy Casanova
Katy Casanova shows the expulsion notice from Universidad del Atlántico

Expelled for studying while trans Katy Casanova protests at the Universidad del Atlántico.

A young student denounced the discrimination she suffered when the Universidad del Atlántico (Atlantic University), decided to expel her from the campus on the grounds that “homosexuality is a bad example for the other students”.

The high school student, Katy Casanova who acknowledge the fact that she is transgender,  reported her case on Facebook and in an  interview.

She stated that the school coordinator, René Garza Guzman, notified her of the decision made by the school principal, Nestor Contreras, to expel “him, because it represents a bad example to come dressed and made up as a woman.”

Faced with this situation, Katy filed a human rights discrimination complaint which is a violation of her right of gender expression with the Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos [CNDH], ( National Human Rights Commission [CNDH]) English link.

CNDH hojas de reclamaciones en línea se pueden encontrar AQUÍ.

She reported feeling humiliated and discriminated against by school authorities when she was informed of the decision to expel her from the campus because of  “his sexual preference and condition”.

“I felt terrible and  humiliated by way they treated me. I was escorted to the classroom to pick up my things and asked to leave the school, before surprised students and teachers who did not understand the situation.”

Katy (the original article keep disrespectfully naming Katy with her birth name) accused the university and its executives of  being “homophobic” and reported that other cases have happened where gay students have been harassed and bothered by their simple “gender condition”, and threatened with expulsion if they did not “behave decently .” (Obviously, Katy meant transphobia, not homophobia, when referring to a gender condition, but the original article must have been written with a good deal of prejudice).

The complaint was filed last Tuesday asking that the CNDH promptly contact the school to determine the cause or criteria applied which led to her expulsion.

“I only ask for respect for the gender diversity community, we are human, it hurts us to be discriminated against and suffer vexatious treatments, with insults and attacks for our simple right to choose what we want for our lives.”

The university management decided not to make comments on the case to the media, preferring silence. 

Garza Guzman, the school coordinator, who allegedly informed the transgender student of the decision not to allow her to continue in school, refused an interview, forwarding the reporter to the academic director, who in turn said the principal was not available to issue any comment.

This video news report which deadnames uses male pronouns describing her as homosexual essentially invalidating her gender expression is currently the standard found in much of south American media. From the news report:

José Eduardo Mendoza, who calls himself Casanova Katy was expelled from the College of the Atlantic under the argument that homosexuality is a bad example for students.
The young high school and Katty who calls himself Casanova said he was humiliated by the actions taken by the school.

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  1. […] No muy bueno. The Universidad del Atlantico in Mexico has expelled Katy Casanova. She says that the principal decided to expel “him, because it represents a bad example to come dressed and made up as a woman.” A TWIT Award to Nestor Contreras, the principal. This story is in Planet Transgender. […]


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