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University of Delaware Hosts Transphobic Alt-Right Troll Milo Yiannopoulos


The University Of Delaware hosted Milo Yiannopoulos this week in celebration National Free Speech Week. A figure known for his harsh rhetoric toward transgender people, Yiannopolous has been criticized by progressive groups for his regressive, Alt-Right inspired dogma. His was invited to speak by the University’s Republican’s club, however, the presentation has since been derided by University administration and students alike – including the very group who invited him.

Milo Yiannopoulos displays the posters, which the University had taken down, eventually pulling a receipt from the bag while feigning innocence to the posters origins much to the amusement of the audience.

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In a statement released by the UD college Republican’s club:

“As a club, we do not endorse the statements that were on the posters, and they do not reflect the beliefs of our club. We truly apologize to all who were hurt by the content of the posters.”

Yiannopoulos spent his time making worn out statements for shock value such as, “Trannies are gay”, and claiming trans people are both “very damaged” and “retarded”.

While Yiannopoulos has been revered by alt-right conservatives for his “courageous expression of free speech”, his vapid attempt at shock-politics appears to be wearing out its welcome with those who have previously given him platforms. Earlier this year, Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter for racist harassment and posting personal information of his targets to the public forum

Milo’s history of intellectual contribution is strewn with failures such as dropping out of college, but has nevertheless been invited to speak at colleges across the United States by college republican organizations excited to hear his heavy-handed messages aimed at people who he doesn’t seem to understand.

Drawing similarities between trans people and anorexics, Yiannopoulos spent 90 minutes on stage at UD, claiming that supporting transgender friends and family members damages their health and well-being and going to great lengths to be as ‘offensive’ as possible to those in attendance.

Despite his following, Yiannopoulos’ ideas aren’t novel. Upon examination, the nutrition-less thoughts he has to share offer less in the way of brave, cathartic free-expression and more in the way of puzzling and mundane hatred to which most of the trans community is already well-accustomed.

Maggie Brent
Resident of St. Mary's City, Maryland.


  1. i am really beginning to think he is a transsexual in SEVERE denial, just as a lot of the most vehement anti gay “spokespersons” always seem to wind up BEING gay.

    that or hes a fake, not gay at all. while i know there ARE gay men and women who are anti trans (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, so not just lesbians, but there are MANY including some heads of the group in the past, now has an off shoot call Womens Liberation Front, or WoLF, which i always thought was a symbol used by most trans men, so maybe those members are trying to say something? then you have gay men, not organized that I know of, who just think all trans women are just gay men, afraid to admit their gay, cause you KNOW that being gay is SOOOOO much harder than being trans, lol) he doesnt fit those, he is pure hate.


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