Unidentified Transgender woman murdered in Medellin

Medellin Trans Murders
 Photo 2020 Noticias.com

An unidentified transgender woman lay covered in a white sheet on a Medellin street. She was chased by criminals in two cars shot her numerous times before finally ending her life.

She was murdered in Medellin Monday, July 6 sending the community once again into mourning reports 2020 Noticias.com. According to the authorities, the incident occurred around 6 pm on Monday, July 6, when this trans woman, still unidentified, was killed with a firearm.

Regarding the violence, the police investigated some versions in which, the victim, apparently, was chased by several people in two vehicles, after reaching her, they shot her without saying a word. The transgender woman was sent to the National Institute of Legal Medicine according to alert apaisa. com

Her murder is being investigated by the Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Police.

This death is in addition to the one registered on June 28, International LGBTI Pride Day, when several strangers ended the life of Eilyn Catalina, a 21-year-old trans woman.

Eilyn Catalina was stabbed to death June 28, 2020. The Medellin Mayor confirmed the suspect police have in custody is from the LGBT community. According to bluradio.com

Possible LGBT on LGBT Hate Crime

Catalina received several stab wounds in a possible act of intolerance that occurred on stairs in the Granizal neighborhood, northeast of the city. The administration explained that it is investigating whether another member of this community committed the crime.

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