UK Youth access To Hormone Blockers Now In High Court’s Hands

Tavistock Judicial Review Tavistock Judicial Review
Photo curtesy Sharon McCutcheon
Tavistock Judicial Review Tavistock Judicial Review
Photo curtesy Sharon McCutcheon

The two-day judicial review regarding the current process of making hormone blockers available to UK youth under the age of 18 has come to an end.

Additionally, Thousands more Could Lose access to hormones In U.K. Pharmacy Regulator Row

There is no understating the importance of the outcome as the UK relies heavily on charities with government oversight to administer essential transgender healthcare.

Central to UK’s gender-affirming processes is the Gillick Competence decision of 1985. This decision found that youth under the age of 16 have the right to make informed consent regarding the use of contraceptives without parental knowledge. As per the Gillick Competence ruling the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust which runs GIDS (Gender Identity Development Service) offers a program that evaluates and prescribes courses of action to people of all ages who feel they are transgender.

Research shows that less than 1% of patients ‘detransition’. One report found of 3,398 trans patients who’d accessed NHS support, 16 expressed regret, and only 3 made a long-term detransition.

Keira Bell’s case.

Keira Bell brought this to judicial review as is her right. She believes that as a youth she wasn’t given proper evaluation before being prescribed hormone blockers. Bell has since de-transitioned and with the support of ‘Transgender Trend’ has sought to end trans care for everyone.

Transgender Trend, who intervened on the second day of Judicial Review is from our experience:
A loose affiliation of people, mainly TERFs who believe that the transition of trans men is paramount to murder.
TERFs believe that youth are following a fad and to fit in transition, hence their moniker.
TERFs are not transgender people, they do not speak from experience nor are they doctors.

Related: UK’s biggest children’s charities including NSPCC and Barnardo’s unite in solidarity with trans kids and their right to healthcare.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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