Ugandan anti-LGBT ‘bishop’ gets rancorous welcome in London from expats


“Bishop” David Livingstone Kiganda said on a talk show at prime time (8pm) on 93 Kingdom FM ( a local Christian radio station) a day before the Ugandan anti-LGBT law was nullified that ” if gays win the court case tomorrow, trust me we are going to slaughter them, they are few in numbers and we know that.”

Imagine being exiled by hate and a man responsible for that hate comes and preaches in your new country. How would you have reacted?

His hateful words drove many LGBT Ugandans from their homeland in fear for their lives.
Livingstone preached Friday at Commission Church London, to a mainly empty hall.

Out and Proud Diamond Group consisting of Ugandan LGBT refugees posted this on their facebook wall noting that “His comments forced many to leave the country of which some are still suffering today in Kenyan Camps.”

Ugandan Transwoman Cleopatra Kambugu was one of those forced to flee to Kenya.



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