UAE Deports Intersex German and Saudi man for sexual encounter

Dubai, UAE / Photo Flicker

A highly suspect news article from the United Arab Emirates reports that an intersex German and a Saudi man were ‘caught’ having sex in Dubai and deported. News sources in UAE should be considered suspect not because of any doubt of the intent of the publisher, but due to the government’s iron-fisted control of media and the internet.

The United Arab Emirates has recently blocked ( on some mobile platforms. In addition, they’ve blocked other Trans pages and YouTube channels that used to explain the Trans issues to the public. They censor them because they contain the word Transgender which means “ sexual site” from their point of view.

According to the Gulf Times, the two met on Twitter and SnapChat where Dubai police cyber-crimes unit troll. The police found out that they were meeting in a motel room and arrested them there eliciting ‘confessions’ presumably with a promise of deportation and no jail time.

Sources close to the case told Gulf News: “Physical examinations proved that the 31-year-old suspect, who is identified as a female as per the German passport, is an intersex person. Meanwhile, the Saudi is used to having bizarre sex.”

The UAE has a deplorable human rights history where deporting foreigners for dressing effeminately and imprisoning their own for having consensual sex and arresting woman for reporting rape is standard practice.

The United Arab Emirates is a collection of Emirates where local laws and interpretations of Sharia law prevail over Federal Decrees. Due to its wealth, and small population the UAE relies heavily on foreign nationals for labor.  So LGBT people, amongst the best workers in the world, are often contracted to work as Planet Trans correspondent Maya Anwar was.

But transition and living authentically in the UAE is impossible as she wrote about her experiences there last year in an upbeat article United Arab Emirates, a Bright New Future For Trans People!

2021 “Gender Identity conference” to be held in Dubai is a deadly Scam

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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